Saturday, March 8, 2014

Greyhound Racing

I don’t know that I’ve said this before or not.  Right…

But I despise greyhound racing.

I’m sure the dogs run very pretty.  My rescues do in the yard beautifully.
They are certainly beautiful to look at. And my rescues are utterly magnificent, said with a mother's pride.

And I’m sure they earn money for those whose scruples are a bit "tarnished".

But as I mentioned in my Rescue post, the disgust I feel for this industry is rival to that of dog fighters.  They cast off the tired, the worn, the has-beens, the ailing and the unwanted.

Either to an industry-sponsored “adoption” group (who have been known to euthanize healthy ones to make room for more "retired" racers) or a few lucky ones to a true rescue.

Out of sight.  Out of mind.  Once they hit the road in the haulers, bottom line is “win me money”.

Many friends have those unwanted ones.  Unwanted except by their family.

And a sweet girl in in kidney failure now.  Some will say it is not racing’s fault.

I’m sure her story will show it is. 
We pick up the pieces, make a life and home for them.  And are left to nurse them back or ease their suffering.
Thanks, industry.  You truly are heartless and suck.

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