Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Love Rescues

My pups have all been rescues.  Every last one of them.

It’s becoming comical how a certain demographic on a social media drama site called FaceBook gets its panties in a wad over that term.

RESCUES.  Yes, they have all been just that.

Cyrus, I sprung from the pound.  Is that not considered a rescued pup?

Schemie, born to moronic “guardians” who failed to neuter their dogs had pups pound-bound.  Is that not considered a rescued pup?

What about Britty, a spaniel mix I took from a neglectful and abusive owner in the neighborhood…

Oh!  Wait!  Neska, the galga, was not a rescue, right?  I mean she had a grand future in Spain, right?  Waiting at the perrara (affectionately known as a “killing station”?)  Yeah…

But the bunching of panties comes when using the term in relation to greyhounds.

Well, here are a few stories about my rescued greyhounds.

Berry, 6 years old, never raced, turned into a rescue group, adopted out and after a divorce, found herself facing the pound.  The farm didn’t want her, the owners didn’t remember her name.

Dee, 4 years old, scheduled to race some of her last ones at Ebro when the trainer said not a chance in hell and turned her over to a RESCUE group.  The farm was not taking her back.  The owners lost interest.

Craigie, 7 years old, never a very fast dog unless you’re a human.  He didn’t make much money, raced at has-been tracks in has-been races.  I don’t know his whole story, but I know for a fact this clumsy, playful 90 pound pup was never going back to the farm and I could promise the owner didn’t give a rat’s ass about him.  And he was turned over to a RESCUE group.

My pups have all been rescues.  Not one of them was wanted by anyone but me.  My formerly raced greyhounds were not welcome back. 

My greys were not “pre-adopted”, races I’ve followed, gambled on, cheered over.

My greyhounds are the ones the industry that churns them out turned its back on.

I proudly support rescues.  Because all of mine have been rescues.  And I say it with pride in how far they have come since they'd been forgotten and have lived with me.

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