Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fly Free Baby

My sweet little boy. 

19 ½ years ago, there was a knock at my front door.  Two little neighbor boys were there, each holding a tiny kitten.

“Which one do you want?” they ask. 


“Here, take this one!  His name is Smokey” and handed me a tiny fluff of gray fur. 

Um…, ok…

I turn around, shut the door and you met your big brother Cyrus, the GSD/Collie. 

You freaked, hissed, knocked my glasses off and went flying for safety.

Welcome to your new home, Smokey Bear!


A home with a mommy, the big dog Cy-Cy and your kitty sissies, Sheba and Sasha.

Such a little trooper you were.  Mommy brings home a little black puppy named Schemie a few years later, but it was ok.  He was smaller than you, so you were still the man of the house. 


Until he kept growing and discovered the joys of chasing you down the hall and making you squeal.

Admit it, it was a game to you too, little man…

You finally resigned yourself to spending your life with the parade of new rescues entering.  Britty, Berry and now these houndies.

You realized you were still the boss. 

Even when this new crew walked up behind your deaf self and stuck a cold needlenose on your rump, bringing on the guaranteed yeow!
What a full, full life you have had, monster!  Through it all, you maintained your attitude (which was a bit pissy at times, but ever loving).

You gamely went for your twice a week fluids, growling and woofing while they were administered.  And you endeared yourself to our vet techs . 

A woofing cat.  Must have been all those dogs, huh, sweetie!

Baby boy, we tried all we could.  But the stroke won.

My little trooper kitten.  Mama loved you so much.
You now have no more pain.

Tell your sissies and brothers I love them and miss them forever.  As I love you and miss you forever.


Smokey Bear Weller
09/07/1994 – 03/04/2014


Godspeed, my little man and run free.  ‘Till we meet at the bridge.

And Schemie!  Stop chasing my cat!!!

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