Friday, January 10, 2014

Farewell To An Angel Of The Animals

Today, January 10, 2014, the world lost a beautiful soul.  Very suddenly and completely unexpected.   And too damn young.

A woman who worked tirelessly in the Animal Rights world to help them.

A woman who was the voice they don’t have.

A woman with a brave stance.

A woman with a large and loving heart.

A woman with a true and beautiful spirit.

Sometimes a beautiful soul enters this world and speaks from the heart.  And sometimes this soul helps bring about good things.  And sometimes this soul touches the lives of others.

Anna Bellin, you were and always will be an angel.  Your passion, your loyalty and your compassion will never be forgotten.  You evoked the love and compassion in others.

“G'Morning, World.” you said just days ago.

And Godspeed, my beautiful AR sis. 
Rest in peace.


timelessraindrops said...

Beautifully written! She was the most tireless, loving, intelligent and passionate..the best of us all in the animal rights world. Hard to believe what this world will feel like without her presence and influence. I loved her so much.

Athena Hogue said...

This is so beautiful, just like this amazing woman...thank you!!! <3

laura sweet said...

Thank you for this thoughtful tribute. I knew Anna for almost 20 years as her neighbor - as a matter if fact, she is sitting on my front stoop in the photo you have of her posted here.
Although I hadn't been close to Anna in the past few years, she never failed to stop and ask about me or my dog everytime I bumped into her.
Years ago, we spent a lot of time together and she definitely had one of the largest hearts I have ever known.
The news of her passing is sad news indeed.
Rest in Peace Anna - always
Laura xoxo

Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, dear Anna, you were a true friend to thousands and you saved many, meet you on the other side babe... words will never be enough to express the feelings of loss we all share. The sky is crying, but above the clouds, the sun will always shine. ~Andy

Nancy said...

Thanks for posting here. Without a doubt, Anna was loved. Is loved.

We lost a ray of sunshine that day, but never forget that bright light that she was.