Friday, January 24, 2014

The Racing Industry Is Dying

The clock is ticking and it is time to face some realities.

Greyhound racing is a slowly dying industry. 

Never a pun intended, since dying is what happens to many of those they claim are “athletes”.  “Put down”, “euthanized” because of a broken leg.

In the US, many tracks seek to remove the requirement for the greyhound racing in order to host slots and gambling.

Declining industry.

Yet the breeders keep breeding, seeking to find the “perfect” racer.  That one "athlete" to line the retirement or next extravaganza.

The US dumps the unwanted on adoption groups.  And the industry and breeders wish to boycott those who are rescues.

Why?  Those greyhounds are rescues.  If no one took them, what would happen?  Another hauler accident?  Another misplaced greyhound?  And yes, rescues take the ones with broken legs and heal and home.

The rescues work their asses off to get the dogs into good homes.  Not rehomed.  Homed.

But this is not a US centric problem. 

So very prevalent in AU with exports to China.  China?  Macau?  Sending a dog to a certain death.

Greed speaks volumes.

Ireland, suffering flagging industry, makes deals with Spain to ship those dogs.

I won’t post the pictures of the hanging dogs, dumped dogs, etc. but I think most know what reality awaits them there.  And it’s not a dinner plate.

Greed speaks volumes.

I can only adopt so many.  I can send only so much in donations.  I know I can’t save the “wastage” the industry, here and abroad, produces.  But to me, these pups are NOT wastage.

Get jobs.  Real jobs.  Quit living off the backs of the dogs.

And practice the following:

“Would like the combo meal or just the sandwich”

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