Thursday, November 14, 2013

This Week’s Game – Bury Your Head In The Sand

I ran across a post in a group that I thought completely defined the industry's M.O. 

Someone asked if anyone had seen an anything about bleeding the greyhounds until they died.

And the standard industry-trained responses ensued.  Paraphrased to some extent.
      (I had to correct the spelling.  Utterly atrocious…)
             ·         fabrication…
             ·         ridiculous  things…
             ·         myth is from overseas....
             ·         lunacy just gets more profound...

(I like that "myth" part....)
Dare I suggest they actually put down their Kool-Aid and watch the News segment that exposed this method of disposal?  It does contain the admissions you question.
Deny, deny, deny.  Repeat mantra.

Sorry, kids.  Reality intrudes on what the industry brainwashes.  It happens, as does the over breeding and culling, the healthy dogs being put down, the injured and destroyed.

As long as the industry continues to breed, use and toss off, the beautiful greyhounds need voices to speak up for them. 
Ok, I get it.  You don't like that we speak up. 
Eh...  so what.  I don't like that you do it.

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