Saturday, November 2, 2013

Greyhounds Australia

Please take a look at this face.  Look at the eyes.  Especially the eyes ~ the windows to the soul.

This boy did nothing but run and run to make punters money.  Reach out for a kind hand.  Yearn for a gentle word.  He lived to please. 

But then he wasn’t winning.

And he was dropped off at the vet and said kill him or bleed him.

And that sums up the “fairy tale” of the industry mantra of “we love our dogs”.

Kill him or bleed him…

I truly doesn’t matter the continent, the industry mentality is the same. 

Cruel, selfish and greedy.

Side note, this sweet face was saved, as were a few others from the same “kill ‘em, bleed ‘em” owner.

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