Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Obscenity of Man

I have been posting some in the past about the exploitation of our favorite companions and friends.  I have been less than kind to the rancid racing industry.  And until they clean up their act (doubtful), I will continue to be less than kind.  Ok, won't be kind until they are gone...

But now I wonder at the levels to which man will sink to exploit the dogs and “conquer” all.  Annihilate.  As I recall, we encroached on them. 

And the risks they want to expose the dogs to sickens me.  You want to risk them on tracks and risk them chasing wolves.  Right.  The dogs are supposed to locate the wolves.  Uh huh.  I have sighthounds.  They do not track and not take action.  Utterly obscene.

And how many dogs will be maimed, wolves harmed for this. 

Sick humans.  Leave the damn wolves alone.  I support those who strive to reintroduce these glorious creatures back into the wild.  And I support the hounds. 
And now some people wish to "turn loose the hounds".


 A petition, if you wish to stop this god-awful mess.

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