Saturday, November 2, 2013

Greyhound Industry – We Love Our Dogs

I came across a picture of an auction program (actual program).  It was an auction of former racers and for the greedy sods who “own” them. 

Yeah, one more way to make a buck off the dogs who risked life and limb racing.  Stellar business, there…

So the cover on the auction program depicts, what I must assume is, a former racer in a cozy new home.  A cozy new, um, what?

The cover depicts a grim and miserable existence of a greyhound reduced to this to make some more money for someone. 

The picture alone is an atrocity.  But we love our dogs!!

(Please keep reciting that mantra, industry…)

See how much we love them?  We auction them off to breed and breed and breed and then discard?  After they have been injured, racing. 

We love our dogs.  But we made some money!

Funny, when this came to light, one former breeder took exception to the comments on another blog post  Until someone informed him those comments and stats came from the NGA breeders’ own auction program.
Yep, all those reported injuries.  From the mouth of babes, sort of...
The industry will create its own downfall.  Because they don't grow up, don't learn and don't change with the times.
I won't be sad.

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