Monday, October 28, 2013

Off Track Topic

Rest easy, race fans.  You’re not on my hit list.

I have posted some notorious cases on FB regarding animal abusers.  (ok, racing fans aren’t totally off the list).

My outrage at the abuse and torture endured by a dog who just wanted love makes me furious.

So, my blog, my bitch.

Puppy Doe

Pitties found hung and skinned alive in St. Louis, MO

Brownie set on fire by a crack head (I don’t know that, just my assumption on one who has no soul)

I’ve posted before about the horrendous endings of greyhounds at tracks or in transit or used and exploited by those they try to please (see, you weren’t off the hook).

I oppose animal abuse.  Vehemently.  And I will stop saying something until there are stringent laws and punishments in place.

15 years ago, I flew to Northern Michigan to vacation.  On the way from the TVC airport to the cabin, my father drove through Elk Rapids.  Nice weather, windows open.  And I saw a bully dumbass throw a dog into his boat where it bounced off the side.

Shy, quiet, book-reading baby, leaned over her father and screamed, You Sonovabitch!  Don’t you dare hurt that dog.

My dad has never been the same.

So yeah, animal abuse upsets me greatly.  They do nothing to deserve this.  While they look for love, they fell into the wrong hands.


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