Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dubuque, Iowa – Greyhound Park

No, this blog did not disappear.  Or nor did I.  Things are quite chaotic here (pics at the bottom).  But, I can't leave when tracks give so much to talk about...
Little is said of this track because it seems to lack the overly verbose mouth-pieces of TGP (Tucson Greyhound Park in AZ).  Or as I call blowhards.  But it is still one that races and churns them out until the owners and breeders deem them downgraded.

Greyhound Park in Dubuque made the Google Alerts with this .  Pretty story, but one I expect from the industry.  Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy…  Fortunately, there is some bit oversight in IA. Unlike ADOR and the idiots there...

Now, I will admit I know nothing about Dubuque.  And honestly, I don’t care to.

But what I read is similar to the lack of care and attention I read about with other parks.

What I do know is my princess was raced there for a number of years, transported back and forth from IA to FL, again and again and again.  Ok, a few more agains here....

Given the stories about the irresponsible haulers, I am fortunate she is here.

Her owner, the track or whoever downgraded my girl to Ebro.  What???  She's not making money for you? 

EBRO.  Even the trainer said hell no.  To owners (who have no freaking clue where their dogs are) and breeders (who could care less what happened to the dogs), for you I say you have no soul.
Now to Espana and the galgos...
And why I have been busy....
Before, but after pulling from a hunter or killing station:

 Little Galga joins the ranks of the unwanted and lost hounds.
For those who don't like me much (I know who the trolls are), I am still here.  Just adjusting with a galga now.  See???  I don't just hate the racing industry....

                   "The more things change The more they stay the same...:" 
                     ~ Bon Jovi


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