Saturday, September 21, 2013


I am a sports fan.  College football, pro football, hockey and baseball.

I LOVE my Michigan teams.

Tigers, Wings and Lions.

And the Wolverines.  The big Blue. 

I have been crazy nuts about Michigan football since high school, many, many years ago.

I have watched and cheered and screamed at a tv.  I have attended games and behaved very similarly.

I fly my block M flag all football season.  Always.

I loved Bo Schembechler.  One of the greatest ever coaches.

So much that my little black puppy, 17 years ago, was named after him.

My Schemie boy.  15 years together.

And tonight, while screaming at another game of the Wolverines, my Craigie tucked his tail, upset. 

Done.  Game off. 

I understand that and changed channels.

Schemie got into the games, these kids don’t.

Priorities.  I hope Wolverines won, but my kids win every day and I make sure of it. 

Note to self: Watch ball games in the family room...
Wow, not a bash of the industry I loathe.  I actually sound nice!

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