Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pets Are Not Disposable – Soapie Box Time

I am sorry to post this and sorrier still there is a reason that compels me to do so.

I see so many pets/dogs/cats – name it – because they got old, not puppies or kittens, had issues or didn’t “serve their purpose”.

To me, adopting means I commit to the life of my new kid. 

 I have cared for 2 kidney failure kids and hoping to save my third with weekly fluids.  At 19 years of age.

I have carried my smallish mix and greyhound kids up and down deck steps when the stairs became too cumbersome for them.

I have lived in the lower level and slept on the floor where there is a walkout to accommodate a senior.

I am not trying to say “yay me” nor look at what I do.  I merely state a fact.  Perhaps I go the extra mile, but that is me.  I promised.

There is never a reason to drop off and walk away for no reason.  Or dump or sell online or…

They were no longer a puppy or kitten?  Reexamine your priorities and your intent.

They no longer served a purpose (this to my least favorite industry and the galgueros in Spain), you better reexamine your souls.  Not much hope for the souls.

I completely understand there are hard economic times now.  It’s very prevalent.  But if you must relinquish the one you swore to protect, please leave a note as to why.  It will help them be adopted by someone who will love them!

A note from one who hit very trying times (loss of job/house/spouse) will make the journey smoother for the furry one who looked at you with trust.
And end Soapie Box Time.

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