Monday, August 19, 2013

Relevancy And Transparency In The Greyhound Racing Industry

So many things have come up in the news with the racing industry.  And I’m pretty sure there is no question on where I stand. 
And ponder in which I pot I can play in.

I toyed with the thought of a post in response to the latest bombastic sputtering from one member of Arizona Department of Racing.  He is quite verbose on blogs but oddly silent in real meetings.  Seems strange, he does not insist upon the transparency he asks for from his avid fans.  Wonder if they post under real names on comments boards, eh?  Oh, but transparency.

Ah enough from me.

Instead, I leave it to the pro.  Tonight, the blog belongs to a fan favorite, Ironicus Maximus.

Speaking words and living them are two separate things.  This sums it up well.

Well done, I.M.  Well done.

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