Thursday, April 11, 2013

When Tornados Are Possible - Tornado Alley Is A Blast...

Storms, with tornado-ripe conditions, did a Chorus Line kick-line through our area last night.  I learned a few things last night I wish to share.  In the interest of public safety.  Both human and animals.

Or more to reinforce it my brain, since I failed some of these things…

1.       Weather interruptions on the TV

a.       When network TV is repeatedly interrupted with maps of approaching dangerous weather, this may be more than an annoyance.  (Unlike interrupting network televised shows to focus on Albert Pujols leaving St. Louis – with was NOT in the interest of anyone.)

b.      While their record on reading the radar and reporting accurately is a bit like playing the slots, they probably know it better than me.

2.       Weather sirens

a.       Locally, they have updated sirens and performed tests ad nauseam.  They could mean something.  When the siren first sounds, could be time to move purse, communication devices and safe storage box downstairs – have credit card and check book, will travel, after all!

b.      When the siren continues to scream at your disbelieving butt, it could be time to seriously consider moving that happy ass to the safest/lowest location.  Like sooner, rather than later?

c.       When they still go off and the TV is showing “stuff” as close as the next city, that is seriously the time to grab 4-leggers and head to the lower level.  NOW!

3.       If you have hounds who are horrified at the thought of the insides stairs, put your big kid pants on, harness them, leash them and get them downstairs.

4.       If the electric company tells you a limb that dragged the wire’s mount off a house tells you to consider the line “live”, believe them.  Not worth taking a chance. 

5.       Finally, dogs do not poop or pee on command in the torrentially pouring rain, no matter how many times you walk them to the park late at night and stand in deep water…

In all seriousness, listen to the sirens and act accordingly. 

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