Friday, April 5, 2013

The Depths To Which The Racing Industry Will Sink

Petty little minds start venomous rumors to harm those who don’t bow to their warped view of the world.  Sadder still, their blind little sheep trot dutifully behind them.

There is a post being shared on Facebook that I choose not to share here.  It is, essentially, an attack against a greyhound rescue group who does not suck up to the industry.  The sole reason for the attack.

The rescue group had to make an extremely hard decision on dogs that could not be rehabilitated.  Every rescue has faced similar situations.  Was it easy for Best Friends to put down some of Michael Vick’s pitties?  Hell no.  It is a devastating decision a rescue has to make when rehabilitation is not viable and the dog is dangerous.

The only reason this is making the rounds is a concerted effort to discredit rescues.  Rescues, apparently, buck the screenplay written by the racing industry…

The only reason I became aware of this was a post in the group from whom I adopted my greyhounds.  Perhaps a well-meaning post, but damaging nonetheless. 

It was a share of a post from someone I know is deeply entrenched in the industry.  And I am pretty certain it was NOT penned by him.  A yes-man and a bully.  Sure.  Eloquent and evocative?  No.

Instead the post seemed to, based on the dramatic verbosity, lead one to think it is another who penned it.  One who cannot resist but post his own version of War And Peace each time he rallies in his minions for the next target.
Blacklist ring a bell?

My question to those posting this crap: where are the dogs who don’t qualify to race?  Where is your tracking of dogs adopted?  Where is your tracking of dogs killed trackside or later by a track “vet”.

And why the hell did these posters not jump to the aid of the industry adoption group who cried for help saying they were still putting down healthy dogs? 
What?  An industry sponsored group?  You have no outrage there???

Again lies, concentrated attacks and utter rubbish.

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