Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Racing of Greyhounds

Gosh...  And everyone thought I fell silent.  Not freaking likely...

People wonder why I am opposed to greyhound racing.  Convinced I have been sucked in and indoctrinated by a non-existent cult.  (Someone, not me, has been imbibing in the kool-aid and wine margaritas a bit too much…)

I see repeatedly “we love our dogs!”.  Prove it.

I have rescued greyhounds.  I deal with odd issues I never saw in mutts.

And I hate racing why?

Breeders - Dogs are bred and bred until they get ones that can be raced.  (Raising hand and waving wildly here, where are those other pups who didn’t make the grade because they sure as hell aren’t in adoption or rescue groups.)

Owners – These people have zero interest in a grey’s well-being as long as “it” is profitable and wins races. Once no longer winning?  Pretty much useless.  Notice I said “it”?  They don't recognize a dead dog's sex, just the live ones to breed.

Owners – Once a dog quits winning, they can breed until 11+ years of age then dumped on an industry-sponsored adoption group.  Or…  ???

Trainers – some are the cause of unspeakable harm to the greyhounds.  The breeders, owners, track owner, haulers may forget, but I will NEVER forget Ebro (FL), where over a hundred greyhounds were starved to death and shoved into freezers and garbage bins.  Why?  Pathetic human allowed to be a trainer.

Where were the owners and breeders then?

Track Vets – just because a sleazy track owner allows something does NOT mean it is morally right.  TGP?  For you.  Robinson, did you not take a Veterinarian's Oath?  Does anything about that ring a bell??  Judged to be an epic FAIL!  Quack.

Trainers – there are some who are not as low as others, since one of my kids was turned over to rescue by a trainer.  Yep!!  I said the “R” word.  He, at least, has a soul.

Haulers – Ah…  The cream of the crop seems to get hired for this job.  Cases on record of dead greys in haulers from heat.  Ummm…Can we say IA, FL, AZ….

Haulers – one pulls over for a ruckus of the dogs in back and one escapes, costing thousands from rescues and donations to help the pup recover.  Did the breeder, owner, trainer or hauler belly up to the bar to pay money for rehabilitation???  Did the hauler really enlist help to look for the terrified pup?  Gone, someone else's problem apparently.

Dogs – how they are treated as nothing more than a commodity.  Recent electrocution running into the rail in Sarasota???  Snapped necks??  Broken backs?  Broken hocks (totally treatable) yet euthanized.  Oh.  Correction.  Killed…  Seems to be common place for those in the industry.  Globally.  The dead ones?  "It".  (I get warm fuzzies from this!)

Why do I hate racing?  If not for this greed to make a living without doing a damn thing remotely resembling producing or building or creating or contributing to society (accept to your bank account), these beautiful pups would be restored to their once stately existence.

Should racing end, the breed WILL NOT disappear.  Alarmist regurgitation from the industry-sponsored frantic response.  Please.  Utter crap.

Their existence as a treasured companion, a baby sitter, a friend, a heart has lasted far longer than the greed of man.  Their worth can be traced back.

They are NOT A COMMODITIY.  Not one damn bit.  They are loving, warm, playful and happy companions.  Just as they used to be before recent human greed extorted them.


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