Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Racing of Greyhounds

Gosh...  And everyone thought I fell silent.  Not freaking likely...

People wonder why I am opposed to greyhound racing.  Convinced I have been sucked in and indoctrinated by a non-existent cult.  (Someone, not me, has been imbibing in the kool-aid and wine margaritas a bit too much…)

I see repeatedly “we love our dogs!”.  Prove it.

I have rescued greyhounds.  I deal with odd issues I never saw in mutts.

And I hate racing why?

Breeders - Dogs are bred and bred until they get ones that can be raced.  (Raising hand and waving wildly here, where are those other pups who didn’t make the grade because they sure as hell aren’t in adoption or rescue groups.)

Owners – These people have zero interest in a grey’s well-being as long as “it” is profitable and wins races. Once no longer winning?  Pretty much useless.  Notice I said “it”?  They don't recognize a dead dog's sex, just the live ones to breed.

Owners – Once a dog quits winning, they can breed until 11+ years of age then dumped on an industry-sponsored adoption group.  Or…  ???

Trainers – some are the cause of unspeakable harm to the greyhounds.  The breeders, owners, track owner, haulers may forget, but I will NEVER forget Ebro (FL), where over a hundred greyhounds were starved to death and shoved into freezers and garbage bins.  Why?  Pathetic human allowed to be a trainer.

Where were the owners and breeders then?

Track Vets – just because a sleazy track owner allows something does NOT mean it is morally right.  TGP?  For you.  Robinson, did you not take a Veterinarian's Oath?  Does anything about that ring a bell??  Judged to be an epic FAIL!  Quack.

Trainers – there are some who are not as low as others, since one of my kids was turned over to rescue by a trainer.  Yep!!  I said the “R” word.  He, at least, has a soul.

Haulers – Ah…  The cream of the crop seems to get hired for this job.  Cases on record of dead greys in haulers from heat.  Ummm…Can we say IA, FL, AZ….

Haulers – one pulls over for a ruckus of the dogs in back and one escapes, costing thousands from rescues and donations to help the pup recover.  Did the breeder, owner, trainer or hauler belly up to the bar to pay money for rehabilitation???  Did the hauler really enlist help to look for the terrified pup?  Gone, someone else's problem apparently.

Dogs – how they are treated as nothing more than a commodity.  Recent electrocution running into the rail in Sarasota???  Snapped necks??  Broken backs?  Broken hocks (totally treatable) yet euthanized.  Oh.  Correction.  Killed…  Seems to be common place for those in the industry.  Globally.  The dead ones?  "It".  (I get warm fuzzies from this!)

Why do I hate racing?  If not for this greed to make a living without doing a damn thing remotely resembling producing or building or creating or contributing to society (accept to your bank account), these beautiful pups would be restored to their once stately existence.

Should racing end, the breed WILL NOT disappear.  Alarmist regurgitation from the industry-sponsored frantic response.  Please.  Utter crap.

Their existence as a treasured companion, a baby sitter, a friend, a heart has lasted far longer than the greed of man.  Their worth can be traced back.

They are NOT A COMMODITIY.  Not one damn bit.  They are loving, warm, playful and happy companions.  Just as they used to be before recent human greed extorted them.



Karyn Zoldan said...

That was a damn good blog and I think you for writing it and speaking it aloud.
You captured how I feel exactly.
You captured how many feel exactly but don't have the nerve to express it aloud.

You go woman!

Anonymous said...

that is a damn good blog and it share the opinion of many many many of us

Gin McKean said...

You are Exactly Right on ALL you said! I have been in greyhound rescue for over 20 years and it is always the same from the racers.

Gin, Greyhound Rescue of Idaho

Gin McKean said...

Nancy, You are Exactly Right! On Everything you said,
The racers say, it doesnt happen, we are drinking cool aid, we will wipe out the breed, yadayada!!

End this blood sport worldwide today!

Gin, Greyhound Rescue of Idaho

Steve said...

Right on sista, now tell us how you really feel ;-)

Gr8tgirl said...

Well said for all of us that are bringing these beautiful creatures into our homes. The greed of all you mention, the breeders and track owners are only interested in profits. The handlers are no better than bad babysitters. They only get away with what they do because it's not cost effective to monitor what goes on at the tracks or farms, and the dogs can't complain. They suffer in silence.

Anonymous said...

So if we stop breeding greyhounds for the track what then? Do we breed them for the show floor and do to them what we've done to other working dogs who no longer have a job to do? The show German shepherd is a great example of what happens to a dog when he enters the show ring, we've utterly ruined his back end in the US and with greyhounds we'd do the same. As much as I hate the track's injustices the idea people would breed a dog for no other reason then companionship Is stupid to me. We already have people who do that called back yard breeders.

Nancy said...

A valid point, Anonymous.

Breeding a dog for show and some bogus award is nonsense. We’ve seen the degeneration of the GSDs, with the sunken hind ends. Horrifying.

Track breeders do not care about the pups unless they are fit for racing. Period. Culling those not they prefer.

And no. No backyard breeders. I live in MO. Puppy mill capital. Utter travesty and needs to end.

Reputable breeders will keep this glorious breed alive. Valued as they once were and not adoptable as a track castoff.

It’s a slicky road, ending racing, but will help the dogs immensely. Will end those who breed for racing and cull if not worthy.

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Nancy said...

beach casino florida,

I am not one to look for greyhound racing. Far from that. Mardi Gras is known to me.

I look to condemn the "sport".

Custom homes florida said...

@nancy I am not supporting greyhound dog racing either. There are many casinos who do cruelty on those animal and left them homeless after their retirement. However, if there is a casino who have adoption program for them, shouldn't we admire it? This obviously won't kill cruelty but some how make the situation better.

Nancy said...

Custom homes florida,

Happy to hear you do not support racing these beautiful greyhounds.

Regarding the adoption program a casino there has? It would depend on its affiliation. Some are industry sponsored and so, feed their own supply of adoptable dogs.

It's all very ugly. I say quit forcing the dogs to race, quit sucking the taxpayers money and just a casino.

To me, in its most simplistic form is, leave the dogs out of this.

I'm tired of healthy dogs dying for someone's entertainment. It rates right beside dogfighting to me.