Saturday, February 9, 2013

Unholy Alliances

I’ve been a tad silent and not posted recently. Ailing kitty makes one that way.

But sometimes, you read some articles and there is a need to reflect on them.

I know many do not agree with my stance on racing. So be it. I don't lose sleep over that.

So…Here we go!

We have incestuous alliances alive and well in Arizona.

We have the only investigation agreed to by a destructive industry by internal sources.

They both reek of total corruption.

Arizona’s notorious track Tucson Greyhound Park (TGP) has an oversight group called Arizona Department of Racing (ADOR).

ADOR is a regulatory department meant to insure the safe wellbeing of racing greyhounds.

Down side, the ones in charge of ADOR are busom buddies of TGP’s general manager, Tommy the Tool.

All you have to do is read the internal emails to know there is an unholy alliance between ADOR and TGP.

Oh, they took away raw crap meat? Damn the luck. Oh, cooking crap meat does not count by the way. Oh, they took away the easy steroid solution for unneutered females going into heat? Spay 'em.

Rather shameful and a very sick threesome of Taylor, Walsh and Gory [sic].

Then we take a long flight to our friends in NZ. When news broke of the number of greyhounds, racing greyhounds, killed, the industry agreed to an investigation. Internal only, as if that would be unbiased. By all means, bring in someone lacking integrity. Brilliant.

Not even going across the pond to the UK, IE and ES. That's even worse than the fools running loose here.

What the industry does not realize, nor do the sham regulatory groups and investigators, is that we are not imbeciles. You play games, yet do nothing to safeguard the hounds you are tasked to protect.

I have no use for animal abusers, no use for liars and zero use for those who continue to manipulate regulations to suit themselves.

We just don’t go away, do we?

And why? Because the ones rescued from crap meat and steroids and all that have homes and beds are real food. That is why.

Yeah, two former racers.  Living the life they missed.  And happy.

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