Saturday, February 2, 2013

Train Keeps Rolling – Next Stop, Iowa

The move is on for Iowa to realize the utter drain of taxpayer money houndie racing is to the state coffer.  Seriously, in this down economy, is this really a wise choice toward which to toss funds?

To me, it has always been, always will be about the greys.  And putting an end to racing.  If they can’t figure out how to keep track of their dogs, not inject them with steroids and feed them properly (God forbid, show a little kindness), then the screw ‘em.

Not a big surprise since I’ve posted before about it.  I don’t approve of racing.  The oversight and care is lacking.  There sure as hell is no accountability.  Why do dogs just disappear off the map?  Huh.  Slippery little devils, aren’t they?

Save the tired excuse of there are so many bred…  Even those seem to get lost.

So, I hear there is a need of a poster child of Iowa racing?  I have one here.  Curled up in the bedroom.  The morons who thought to send her to Ebro after her Iowa stint met their match with one kick-ass trainer who said no.

Mr. Unknown Trainer, although  I don’t approve of your field of endeavor, you have my eternal gratitude for turning one little girl in.

She fills my world with joy and smiles.

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