Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dogs Are The Reason I Am Me

I was watching Stray Rescue of St. Louis’ new PSA. It truly is cute!

My very first friend at the age of 2 (or younger) was a big brown dog.  I was told he was brown, but only a slide shows the picture.  I apparently just hugged on this dog all the time.

And it was born.  Seeded deep in my heart.  This crazy little thing called love.

For years, I whined and pleaded for a dog.  My grandpa Halvery had Chipper.  I adored little Chipper.
Watching the Stray Rescue PSA, I think I did all but drag a leash behind me.  I was relentless.

No, no dogs, said the parents.  Pleading did no good.

Then one July, they introduced me to my new brother.  Smokie Joe. 

Smokie was there for me from the age of 10 until just after college.  Every day, my mama told Smokie that sissy was coming home from school.  And he waited, patiently, at the window for me.  Every day.

Best friend for a kid.  And the best little brother.

These angels laid the groundwork for Cyrus.

Who laid ground work for Sheba, Sasha and Smokey.


Who laid the groundwork for Schemie.

Who laid the groundwork for Britty.

Then Berry.

Then DeeDee and Craigie.


All because of a big old brown dog named Brownie when I was 2 years old.

Thanks Brownie!!

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