Sunday, January 27, 2013

Greyhound Posts

I have just about had it with posts on articles about greyhounds. 

If there is one that remotely reeks of greyhound welfare, the pro-racing fiends come out, spouting horns and blasting industry-approved propaganda.

Come on.  We are talking about what is best for the dogs.  Do I approve with what you think is best?  What is best for your bank account?  Not bloody likely!

Yet you pile on people trying to share their love for their greyhounds, and spread some awareness.

Seriously, y’all are in damage control as it is.  I don’t think that’s enough.  Then you get your unofficial spewers of propaganda?  On public forums?

Sad to see this pathetic justification.

For Ber.  And Dee.  And Craig. 

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