Saturday, February 23, 2013

Pups You Promise To Keep From Harm

Dealing with the most snow my greyhounds have ever seen (they never saw any in their racing lives), I watched them play in the new snow.  They had the best time!


Then the sleet and freezing rain came, which put a dangerous layer on the fun snow.  While I tried to break up some, I could not do the whole yard.

We found out today what I could not do to protect.  The sun was out and should be warming the crunchy stuff.  I grabbed the opportunity to vacuum while they were out.

Big mistake and I beat myself over it.  Ever the runner and leaper, DeeDee ripped a nail.


Dripping blood everywhere, I called the vet and went directly there.  I can deal with the bloodbath/crime scene later.

Poor angel girl.  The vet, with two techs holding her, hugging her, he trimmed the ripped nail.

Nothing could ever prepare me for the scream that came from her.

I cannot imagine what that nasty tattoo process did to this angel. 

MY GOD!  I almost keeled over.  My stoic girl was hurt, badly. 

And I promised to keep you safe and protect you?  Damn…

She screamed throughout the bandaging process, and I didn’t think I could take much more.

Me, shaken and leaving the examination room, DeeDee went directly into to the area behind the desk, to visit the techs.  Ok.  Done and forgotten, it seems.  She loves them!

At the desk to pay the bill, she greeted everyone and I had to drag her out.  All pups in the past bypassed me for the door.  Dee didn’t want to leave them?

Little bird, hurt and bleeding, wanted to stay with our vet techs.  I am blessed with the best.

Wonder if they want a mascot?

Birdlette, I am heartbroken you were hurt.  Mama didn't do her job.  I'm sorry baby.

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