Sunday, January 6, 2013

Question For People Supporting Racing

When is weather too extreme to run your dogs?  When is it too hot or too stinking cold to run your dogs?

I just read they are racing dogs in Australia when the temps are 42.2 degrees Celsius.  That’s 107. 96 in Fahrenheit, people!

More than 100 greyhounds forced to race in a heat wave."

I have had pets succumb to heat stroke, despite precautions.  Limited time outside, baby pools, hosing off. 

These idiots are racing dogs in this heat?  And yet still cautioning people to keep their pets cool?

The greed of the industry amazes me.  And sickens me.  For crying out loud!  Put your wallet away, save your money.

If it’s below 30 degrees Fahrenheit here?  They wear coats.  Close to 95 degrees Fahrenheit?  Limited time outside.

Unbelievable.  And disgusting. 
And greedy.


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