Friday, January 25, 2013

A Plea for the Galgos - the Spanish Greyhounds

A departure of sorts, but not really.  This is about the Spanish greyhounds.

The story of the history of these beautiful creatures is long and sordid.  Brutal endings because the hunters find no use in them any longer.  Perhaps a bit like the US racing industry in the past.

I have posted before about the plight of the galgos, so I will spare the gory pictures of hangings.  But, it does still happen in Spain today, sadly.  There are no, and never have been, any laws protecting animals there as are here.

Many friends I have met on Facebook have been through auctions to help raise funds for the rescues in Spain.  The rescues are bursting at their seams with the ones they save from the perreras (killing stations) or off the hunters or gypsies.  They face overwhelming numbers and limited space.

So yes, I help.  I have a complete abhorrence to the culture that encourages this gruesome disposal of an animal.

And no, I’m not asking you to join an auction or send a dime.  I don’t ever ask that of people. 

But there are petitions you can sign.

Sometimes, petitions fall on deaf ears (often the case for the galgos). 

But sometimes they DO effect change.

So, I am sharing one more.  Just in case one makes a difference.

Please sign.  I do for all the Marians of the world (R.I.P.)

"Pictures of mutilated dogs hanging fom trees, skeletal dogs with broken bones wandering the streets, rotting corpses of dogs that were thrown into abandoned wells to slowly die… these images and more emerge from Spain every year. It is a barbaric image for a modern, democratic society to project -- and it is up to us to make sure that the abuse stops, and that these animal abusers are held to account."

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