Sunday, January 27, 2013


I read of so many losses on Facebook.  Spouses, parents, siblings and best friends.  And I grieve for them all when they grieve.  I still tear up thinking of those who lost that one special person.
Loss is painful.  It’s personal.  But friends’ support, even FB friends, help.

This post was inspired by an HGTV House Hunters episode of one spoiled diva.

Too many people are in search of the easy fix, the quick buck.  When do they lose sight of what is most important?

I revel in my mediocrity.  My little home has hounds and a kitty.  I may lack what some deem important, but I value the love I have here. 

She might hate my world, but God, I just love it!! 

I thank heavens I have what I have. 
Best of all, I have love.  I lack nothing.

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