Saturday, November 3, 2012

Rescued Hounds, One Year Later

Last year, I lost two of my beloved friends.  One of whom I raised from 10 weeks of age.

When my precious Berry went to the Bridge, I contacted my friends at USA Defenders of Greyhounds.  Presented with 3 non-cat eating hounds was one sweet little black girlie.  That was the one who would be right for my Schemie.

And I was right.  She could care less about the old cat and adored her big brother.  She learned to walk sweetly on a leash and to this day, she is the reigning Princess in this house.

Not 7 months later, I lose the rock.  Schemie.  While I grieved, it’s not about me.  Dee needed a brother.

I contacted my greyt angels at USA DOG and asked for a cat friendly boy.  My friend Sally met me in Terre Haute and turned over one Craigie Dillon.

First, they picked the right dogs for me!  Second, one year later, I wonder why no one saw the potential.

Dee was not there long but was passed over for a short time.  Why?  My God!  She is an ANGEL!

Craigie, I can see more why.  I guess.  He is uber-exuberant.  Everything in his world is attacked with gusto.  He’s a zealous small moose.  And one of the more dim dogs.  Loves riding in the van.  Helping me get him in there is another story.  No, lift me, mama…  Moose…

So what.  A bit of dorkishness.  I can live with that.

Dinner time is hilarious.  Feed kitty and the dogs charge down the hallway and prance.  Grab their bowls and Dee is stretching and prancing and Craigie is eyeing the stuffies.  Fill the bowls, Dee becomes a fixture in the kitchen and Craigie is attacking every stuffie in the house, butt up in the air and tail to rival a windmill.

Walks, Dee is an angel, as ever.  Craigie Dills has his own GPS.  When I’m not laughing I’m yammering at him.  Can you please listen and walk a straight line??

To all who passed these two up:  THANK YOU!!!!  They make my heart heal. 


USA DOG.  Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  They create new precious memories to add to those I have.  They provide endless giggles.  They offer endless love.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is wonderfully written, beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for making the effort to share it so graciously with all of us!!! Love, Promise, Marvin, Maya, and Mum C

Anonymous said...

What a beautifully written tribute to your dogs, both those in your memory and the ones who are in your life now! Very heart-warming to read how their - and your - lives have been broadened.

Nancy said...

Thanks Mum C. :-) Promise, Marvin and Maya know well as does the Mum. Sometimes it just takes a gentle soul or total insanity to right the world.

Kisses to my favorite houndies!

Aaron said...

Best blog post I've read in like, forever! Heartwarming stuff, thanks for taking the time to share x

LindaVB said...

I really don't think it's that no one saw the potential. I truly believe that these guys wait for the right person to come along, then they turn on the charm and beg to be taken home. It's amazing to see the instant bond that sometimes occurs in "the adoption room." I have yet to witness the craziness you feel Craigie D. possesses. But then again, I have his niece, who is as crazy as they come. She doesn't know what it means to walk in a straight line, either. Cindy agrees that she is a true nut job. Craigie? I don't know.....