Saturday, October 27, 2012

Why Adopt A Greyhound

This question was posed on a Facebook page I like and follow.  The effort to shut down Belle Vue in the U.K.

So, I thought about it.  I’ve had my 4-leggers in my life for most of my life.  Many years, many furry loves.

But there is just something unique and special about a rescued racer.  Perhaps because they didn't come as puppies, but older who had nothing before?

They joy and wonder at the oddest things.  A ceiling fan is turned on and houndies are mesmerized.  New sights, new sounds.  You learn quickly, the trash truck is not liked.  A knock on the door is welcomed.

Wind blowing through the windows and the initial fear, then nose in the air at that experience.

Utter, unbridled joy in a yard to call their own.  To run at will and for fun.  Not for anyone but themselves.  Until they are tired and want to lie down.


The enthusiasm when it is mealtime.  Prancing, dancing and wagging tails and big smiles.  Because they know they are getting something special.

And when the mom is cooking in the kitchen, a wonderment if there may be something special.  Just for them.

The excitement over new collars or when leashes and harnesses come out for a walk to the park.
The complete silliness over a new toy, never seen in their lives before.  Oodles of them!

The “Oh my God, you’ve been gone FOREVER” when you run to the store and the ensuing kisses and snuggles and wiggles.

To see them, sound asleep on a doggie bed or a couch, content and happy and at peace.

I’m not sure I’ve seen anything more beautiful than when a greyhound finds his/her forever home.


They are angels brought into our lives.  Here to make us smile. Here to help us love.  Here to help us learn. 

They are my blessing.

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