Monday, November 5, 2012

A Galga Named Marian

This is a tribute to one special little galga named Marian

I met Marian almost 8 years ago.  She was one of two greyhounds living as the children of a couple in a nearby neighborhood.

At the time, I had just lost my sweet rescue Britty, and Schemie and I decided he needed a friend.  Ok, I decided.  He didn’t really weigh in.  But he was good with that.

I found a greyhound on a local website, 6 ½ years old and timid and shy.  I’ve talked long and often about Berry, but enter Marian.

Berry was a bounceback, second time with my friends.  This time, she was fostered with my friends’ kids, Stoker and Marian.  We shared a quite a few dinners together and some doggie days.  What a sight we were.  Walking around my little neighborhood with 4 greyhounds and an honorary greyhound (4th greyhound always a foster of theirs).

Sadly, Stoke was a victim of osteo a few years before Ber going to the bridge.  He was such a majestic boy.

Marian was a dainty, sweet, loving little girl.  Beautiful, pale brindle girlie.  In the past year, her health declined and suffered from the same symptoms as Berry did.  Essentially, degenerative myelopathy.  Seeing her go through this brought her closer to my heart, having lived through this with my Ber.

In the past week, she no longer could support herself and walking with help, she developed a limp in her front leg.

While Daddy was out of the country, a pronounced limp and pain, he and Mommy sensed what the diagnosis would be.

Saturday, beautiful sweet Marian was diagnosed with osteoscaroma.  Without her back legs to help, and in pain, there was no other option.

Mama with Marian, daddy on the phone in China, they helped her to the bridge.


Run free and happy now, Miss Marian.  I know Stoker, Berry and Schemie were there to greet you and welcome you.

You are always loved.

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