Friday, October 19, 2012

Steroids and Greyhounds

While it is a known fact (thanks, quack vet) that steroids are used on the female greyhounds to suppress estrus, the heat cycle, to a real human (those with a heart and a soul), it is a grievous mistreatment.

Usage seems to have abated somewhat.  But not at Tucson Greyhound Park. Quite the feisty rumble about Taylor’s quack vet sneaking around the laws to jack up some dogs.

It’s quite real that these methods are used.  To get one more buck off a greyhound.  But these methods do not come without a cost to the greyhounds.

Malformation of the clitoris, known as clitoral hyperplasia (Google it, folks).  Abnormal growth.  Conditions ranging from UTIs and worse. 

My baby girl seems to be a recipient of this over vealous mentality of ‘No Heat, Race, Bitch’.  While not extreme, it is noticeable.  I’ve had many female dogs in my life.  I know normal.  And I know abnormal. 

It’s odd.  Congress goes after Lance and Barry and all pro-athletes for steroid usage.  Where is the outrage over juicing dogs?  Even Tommy and all pro-racing folks call them “athletes”.    

I’m not sure how that is acceptable to inject animals to perform (or not) when it is unacceptable for the pro athletes.

 And now, Tommy says he won’t race females any more.  He’d rather dump them on “adoption” and rescue groups to home.  For the first time. 

Well, I suppose the other side of the coin is far worse... 
I just hope they get homed.  The industry doesn't seem very compassionate...

Listen, injecting the female greyhounds is wrong on so many grounds.  The future problems it causes a dog you want to place into adoption are simply unforgiveable.  I mean, you do want to adopt them out, right??  Sometimes I wonder…  It may have abated, from what I hear.  While trainers used to overdose the hounds, they seem to less of it now. 

Less is not none.

Useful information for those who want to learn more.  Critical information for those who see nothing wrong with jacking up a dog in a dark parking lot.

Oh, by the way, link is from the world renowned greyhound vet, Dr. Guillermo Couto.  He knows greyhounds…  Might want to check him out...
Yes, steroid injections on greyhounds is very harmful.  Sure, you love the dogs...

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