Sunday, October 7, 2012


I adore puppies.  I just melt over them.  My last puppy was Schemie.  16 years ago.

In his life, I took in an abused Brittany spaniel mix from a neglectful neighbor.  I adopted a bounceback beautiful greyhound.

Now, the puppy Schemie  is gone and I have two glorious rescued greyhounds.

At times I think about a puppy.    They are so cuddly.

Then I see Craigie. 7 years old and with the complete unbridled joy of a puppy when he plays.  And digs…

Just larger.  Um… much larger.

And DeeDee?  She gets giddy with her pool and races in the yard and any “new” toy presented.

I still adore puppies and will snuggle the next one.  But having 5 and 7 year old puppies, being puppies for the first time in their lives, might just be better.  The joy and love they exude is beyond belief.

They are getting what they never got on the track. 

Pure, unadulterated joy and undemanding love. 

I have my puppies after all.  And they are just perfect!

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