Monday, October 1, 2012

Not Turning Furnace On, NOT Turning Furnace On

We are reaching that time of year in St. Louis.  Still seesaw temperatures, chilly nights and typically mild days.  Today, was a chilly day all day.  But normally not.

We’ve got a low coming up soon in the 30s.  That screams furnace.  But the following week highs are expected near 80.  Not screaming furnace to me.

I’m settling on a couple of space heaters and if cold enough, jammies for houndies.

Which will elicit a definite What-the-Hell-Mom look.

Ok, they don’t care about the cooler temps right now.  It’s not deep freeze.  I’m the wimp right now.  Space heaters and we rough it.

I am hoping another month before I turn on the monster downstairs.  For 18 years, Smokey-kitteh screams when the furnace is first turned on for the first time.

And the furnace is close to 30 years old.  We are roughing it houndies!

Not turning on the furnace.  Not sure it will anyway….

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