Saturday, September 29, 2012

Some Things Are Too Irresistible

Take, for instance, Tommy Taylor.   Esteemed CEO of Tucson Greyhound Park.  One of the most ill-kept tracks in America and just one half a step before the end-of-the-line-houndies tracks.

Ok.  I am biased.  There are no “good” dog tracks.  Anything putting dogs at risk for sheer profit is wrong.

But I digress.

Seems Tommy feels he is being targeted.  Ya think??

He likens the recent press about his dilapidated track as something akin to terrorism. 

Terrorism?  That’s a bit extreme.  Even for you, Tommy.  Isn’t that like blowing things up?  Or something?  Oh.  You did call it that, didn’t you?

Bad press regarding your lack of compassion and care for the greyhounds and your dismissal of track conditions hardly constitutes “terrorism”.  It’s called truth.

"“Everything we do here at Tucson Greyhound Park is what is good for the greyhound,” Taylor said in an August interview.
“These dogs are athletes and we want to treat them that way. We have to give them the best because if we give them the best, then they race the best,” Taylor told KGUN9 News in another interview.”

Really.  Jacking up dogs on steroids. Then threatening to go elsewhere or make TGP all male racing.

Seriously TT.  If it weren’t for the dogs and their well-being, you would be laughable.  Sadly, it is not about you and your bank account.  It is about the dogs.
But you will never understand that.

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