Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Praising the Fosters

To all fosters of the homeless, unwanted, returned and “retired” dogs and cats, I bow in honor to you.

I can’t imagine how you can do this.  I know it is not easy.  It takes so much work, so much dedication and love.  You have to be a very special person to foster, and then send your foster ‘child’ to their new home.

It takes time to find the right adopters.  I know organizations are overloaded with strays that have been found, those abused and neglected animals recovered, and those greyhounds (ahem) “retiring”. 

Some organizations want dogs placed in a home quickly so they can get a new one into a foster home.  There is an overwhelming need to get more in foster homes.

(And sometimes it is a numbers game.  Racing greyhounds come to mind there…)

Sadly, there are too many dumped.  Puppies, youngsters and seniors.  Yeah, those “retiring” greyhounds too…  I understand the need to place.  I just hope organizations also understand the weight placed on foster parents.

I know a few of them.  They invest so much into their foster kids.  They grow to love them.

The last thing they want is to place an animal in any old household.  Far too often, those pups and kitties placed in that environment end up back in rescues.  The foster parents I know are a bit more discerning.  If it doesn’t sound right or feel right, it might not be right.

I was on the adopting end of a foster with Berry.  Her foster parents just followed some instincts or some sign, perhaps?  I don’t know.  I just know Court always called her the one that got away. 

Since we are still friends now, 7 years later, perhaps there is an instinct involved. 

I just hope all organizations realize many of those who foster don’t care about the numbers of those passing through, but the quality of life they will receive on their journey.

Please, spay and neuter.  And never shop. 

Adopt a rescue.

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