Sunday, September 9, 2012

Change Of Pace

For something different, I’m going down the adoption road.

I just finished reading one of Randy Grim’s books (with Melinda Roth), titled ‘Don’t Dump The Dog’.  Randy Grim is of Stray Rescue of St. Louis

This book should be a MUST READ for any adopter.  No way around it.  It addresses many of the issues he has experienced from adopters returning dogs.  Many of them so unbelievably lame, I wonder how those people exist in society.  Do they return naughty kids?
I have adopted and rescued dogs for over 30 years.  They have all had their share of quirks, some by me, others by former lives.  Never, in 30 years, have I “dumped” a dog because of their behavior (or my lack of working with them).

Cyrus, pound puppy.  Ill-trained and annoying (totally the fault of a 20 year old me).  Loved until he went to the bridge at 13.  His idiosyncrasies can be laid at my feet.  He was a good soul.

Britty, 9 year old Brittany spaniel mix I took away from a neglectful (abusive, I’ve heard) owner.  Traumatized by storms that even valium could not calm.  After her stroke, I carried her up and down stairs until she went to the bridge at 12.  She peed and pooped in her fear.  So?  It can be cleaned.  Give comfort.

Sweet Berry, bounceback greyhound.  I guess her first adopters did not read Randy’s book.  She was returned to the greyhound rescue or to the pound at 6 ½ years of age.  Luckily for me, she was picked up by her awesome foster parents.  Unwanted, terrified of so much, but loved always.  She was another I carried up and down stairs after DM took her ability to get up and walk much.  She crossed the bridge at 12 ½.

Schemie.  He was dog aggressive after being bitten.  Schemie.  Best friend of my life.  Ever.  Despite dog aggression on walks, he was still the perfect man for my girls and for my fosters’ dogs.  Adopted as a pup, he was here for life.  The good, bad and ugly until he reached 15 years of age when his big heart failed him..

Craigie and DeeDee?  The new kids.

DeeDee (5 yrs)  is freaked by motor vehicles on walks.  Bucks and veers her muscular body in a different direction.  She could drag me down the road if she really wanted.

Craigie (7 yrs) is the digger/destroyer.  He has excavated my back yard, destroyed shoes, beds, anything not moving.  A moose of a dog with a mind of his own.

There is a reason for this.  Really.

There has never been one moment in my life with any of these kids when I would have ever considered returning them to wherever or dumping them in a shelter where a death sentence is almost guaranteed.  Especially the seniors.  The terrors, the behavior, the medical bills, the whatever.  It is all part of the bargain you made when you offer a home to a homeless pet.

When you adopt a dog, you do it for life.  Period.  If you adopt a pet, you OWE it to them to give them your all.  And then reach in and give them a little bit more. 

They love.  They are loyal.  They are pure.  And they need your unconditional love.  Much as they give you their unconditional love.

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