Friday, September 7, 2012

Idiocy Reigns Supreme In The Bowels of TGP

There are times I think, surely I didn’t just read “THAT”.  A moment of no, no one could possibly be so foolish as to utter those words.  (Ok, I have uttered a moronic comment or two in my life.  You don’t reach 50 without doing so.)

But these are grown “men”, for crying out loud (term “men” used quite loosely and not to be interpreted as remotely factual).  One a CEO and one a veterinarian.  Or so they claim.

Tom Taylor, CEO of Tucson Greyhound Park.  Imbecile extraordinaire.    Joe Robinson, quack “vet” of said TGP.  One a mouthpiece, spewing remarks that dig a deeper hole for himself.  The other is the “hit man” behind the spew-er (“hits” being dangerous injections).

KGUN9News aired coverage on the doping of female greyhounds.  Because of the ban imposed by South Tucson (with good reason), Tommy has the dogs trucked outside side the city limits to shoot them up.  He says it is a safe form of “birth control” (read “squeeze an extra buck”).  He says they can have puppies (assuming they are kept as brood bitches and not dumped on hard working rescues) when they come off.

According to Councilman Steve Kozachik, ”… People who adopted these dogs and watched them a die a slow death as a result of the UTI infectio and enlarged livers,”  What?  Steroids do damage?

Well, that is no problem to Taylor, is it.  They are no longer on his property, racing on his rundown track.  Yep.  No problem…

And Taylor whines that the law is “unjust”.  Others beg to differ.  “… scores of veterinarians who signed a petition supporting the 2008 law disagree. As does Dr. Karter Neal, medical director for the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. In a recent television interview, Neal noted that the steroids can result in liver-swelling, hepatitis and immune-system compromises.”  Unjust?  Not likely.  More likely it is sound and humane.

It’s funny.  One of Taylor’s many justifications is everyone does “it”.  The lemming approach, one used most often by grade school/high school aged children.  “But mom, everyone else gets to.”  He said injecting steroids into female greyhounds is the best form of birth control they can give to the dogs and is widely used at dog tracks around the nation and the world.”  Around the nation?  Around the world?  Really?

Oh, and Quack Robinson?  On probation for records violations, ordered to get a premise license for his “practice” and take continuing education courses.  He got the license… 

Final words, Taylor?  "It's what's best for the dogs," Taylor said. "And we will always do what's best for the dogs." 

Taylor, what you do is what is best for your retirement plan.  Certainly NOT the dogs.

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