Saturday, June 9, 2012

Greyhound Hauling

Recently in the news was the story of Freeway Petey D.  A greyhound being hauled from a Sarasota track to the hated Ebro.  He was caged with another greyhound.  A fight ensued, hauler driver pulled over and Freeway Petey D escaped.

I mention this only to relate my experience with my DeeDee.  She was 3 years old and still being raced.  She was racing in Iowa and scheduled for Ebro.  And her trainer turned her in.

I see the after effects of those who haul dogs across the country.  Every day.

I walked my pups the other morning and someone working in my yard had just backed up his truck with a trailer full of mulch.

Dee started bucking, trying to get out of her harness.

Anything to get away from the truck and trailer.

She was in panic mode.  Wild eyed and terrified.  And I was terrified she would slip out and be gone in her panic.

I had him take Craigie  and thought to sneak her around it all.  She had none of that.

I had to grab my little girl’s martingale collar, tight, and harness and get her behind my fence.

Hauling these dogs, in non-air-conditioned (at times 2 in a cage) trucks is abuse.  Yet they (racing enthusiasts) think nothing of it.

Now, you tell me there are not lasting damages, caused by greyhound racing, for the ones saved from racing, that don’t stick with a hound.  And I will call you utterly delusional.

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