Friday, June 15, 2012

Dogs – They Keep a Person Young

I will digress, somewhat, for amusement’s sake.

I work from home.  I can go a week or two with never speaking to a human.  While I understand Dog better, it would be nice to have a conversation with an adult.

So every few days, I head to the grocery store or the pet food store or the hardware store. 

Humans?  Me, who never chatted with a stranger, I talk to everyone.

Every time I come home, the same sniff down and prancing and howling.  So I stand still, let them know, where I have been, who I have seen.  Oh God, ohgod, ogod, mommy home.  Gad, they’re funny.

Well, coming home coincides with feeding kitty time, so I walk down the hall to get Smoke’s bowl and I am, every day, rear-ended by Dee, charging down the runner behind me.  Bonk.  She won’t go past the runner, so I have a safe zone.  Bring out the bowl, Dee on my heels.  Take a new bowl back, another rear-end collision.  I know dogs do goose but she tailgates terribly!

While Dee and I perform this routine, Craigie is playing honky percussion in the living room.  Rump in the air, he’s attacking a Honktapus (octopus that honks and squeaks), Honky turtle (of the same make as the honktapus) and the Lobstah (honk and squeak).  Never breaks a honk.  Tail wagging, happy as all get out. 

75+ pounds, flopping around and pouncing.  Hilarious!

Some days, you look at silliness and think, wow, I’m a lucky person…

I won’t even address the screaming monkey toy…  Damn…

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