Sunday, July 1, 2012

Amazing. G2K Lies Page

I’ll admit to popping out there to see what the chatter is.  That G2K Lies claptrap.

Lately, several posts touting live lure coursing, “nice catch”, they say.  I wish I could post a link to what was posted, but the best I can do is a link to the nonsense.

In what way is this remotely good sport?  Well done?  So sad and tragic.

Then, there is the B. something-or-other, bemoaning the closing of Raynham.  Her words “I'd vowed to myself that I would be there to watch our last race. It wasn't my night to work, so I put on my "out in public" clothes and went up into the Grandstand. I'd been so familiar with the place, mostly empty but for the few regulars who came every week to play and visit and watch the dogs run. Knowledgeable folks, and mostly very friendly. (Hey, you get jerks everywhere) I thought I'd walk on up there and find them easily. “

Mostly empty.  Telling words.  Dying industry.

I’m certain it was traumatic, but if you place your livelihood on a dog, for whatever reason, you get what you deserve.  Too many have suffered for your “livelihood”.
Cry me a river later.

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