Saturday, May 19, 2012

Greyhounds, Facebook And Thoughts

As anyone who knows me, I am not a fan of the greyhound racing industry.  I think I’ve made that rather clear.

 There are so many odd things happening that add to why for me.  And these are not so much thoughts but.  Well, other...

The story of Freeway Petey, for example.  The outpouring of love and prayers and donations paid this poor kid’s vet bills.  He was the greyhound that came out of one of the many racing greyhound haulers in Florida.  Freeway had a rough road before a good Samaritan found him and he is now, after multiple surgeries and multiple donations, in a foster home.

Oddly, there are grumblings in the racing world about this story.  Perhaps they hate the “sympathy vote”.  Perhaps it exposes a bit of the ugly underbelly of the industry itself.  Seems a bit hateful to not pull for this dog’s success.  But…  No regulation on haulers, trainers or owners.

Then today, I read something that caused my need to write.  As a facebook user, I have a group of friends and family.  Today I read a post on a page that is devoted to all things happy and wonderful about greyhounds.

This creature’s words, directed at UK friends for Chrissake, were that it was shame they (the greyhounds) weren’t put to sleep like the others because it would have done the world a favor.

This person, with whom I have had a run in or two before I blocked, is a vile, greyhound farmhand.  Spreading venom.  Is this panic over the eventual demise of racing?  Or is this just one demented fool who should never be around animals?

This is why.  This is why I harbor great animosity toward greyhound racing.  Vile, cruel individuals who are no better than the ones who tortured and killed dogs in St. Louis.

No one should say the things he said.  Yet, he represents the racing industry.  Stellar

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