Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tucson Iron and Metal Owners – A Huge ‘Thank You’ to Gary and Tandy Kippur

A while back I posted about just another atrocity, committed at the hands of those acting on behalf of TGP (Tucson Greyhound Park) personnel. 
In their desire to continue illicit, unethical and illegal acts (where the track resides) upon the racing greyhounds, they made use of a local business’s parking lot.  To continue to inject greyhounds with steroids.

I urge all to read the mailbag from the Tucson Weekly .  A message from the owners of Tucson Iron and Metal in a Letter to the Editor.

I do not back off the stance I took in my post.  I will never back off of my condemnation of those who continue to use and abuse the racing greyhounds.  My reasons are many, global, yet personal.

But to read of honest business owners, being used by the industry, speaking out and ending these actions, I salute.

Thank you, Gary and Tandy Kippur!  For all the Berrys and DeeDees and Craigies and Andras and Fleas and, and, and, I thank you.


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