Monday, April 30, 2012

Born To Run, Born To Play

I saw a glorious video on YouTube.  A video from Noah’s Arc Rescue.
Glorious really does not begin to describe the joy I witness on their faces and the joy I feel watching the video.

I have a couple of rescued racers, as most know.  The unbridled joy on their faces when they run and play in the yard confirms the rightness of it all.  Their being adopted and brought into my world.  Me being adopted and brought into their world.  It all fits.

Sometimes (often) the time is right, the planets are aligned and the most precious creatures enter your soul.

To watch my kids and my friends’ kids play, enjoying freedom, life and love completes me.

If you ever think of getting a pup, please adopt.  And if you appreciate beauty and grace, snuggles and playfulness, appreciation and eternal love, adopt a rescued greyhound.

While these may be galgos in the video, the message stays the same. 

Worldwide, the galgos plight needs to be heard and addressed.  It is completely beyond tragic what is done to these gracious, loving pups.  Please visit my friends at Galgos del Sol, Galgo Connection Spain, and many others doing all to save them to learn more.

In the meantime, enjoy Noah’s Arc Rescue’s glorious video.

Born to Run, born to play, never born to race nor worse.

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