Friday, April 20, 2012

Off Topic – Adoption vs. Breeders

This probably is not a topic for me to get on.  I have a very definitive idea of what people should do.  Not all agree.  Mostly breeders, I’d assume.

Every day, I see dogs rescued off the streets.  Every day I see dogs on “death row”.  And every day I see one that didn’t have that “one day”.

Dogs are domesticated animals.  Whether or not they’ve been raised in a good environment, they are domesticated.  By man.

That same man buys a puppy, but, wow, funny thing, it didn’t stay a puppy.  Really?  Did you not read one book in school?  Biology, physics, anatomy, nothing?  

That same man buys a puppy, but now he and the bride want to start a family don’t want the responsibility of a dog.  I think a dog may be less responsibility than a kid and you’re going to regenerate?  Ugh.

That same man buys a puppy, thinking maybe I’ll breed it or maybe I’ll train it, then loses interest.

New rules:

1.       Think long and hard about why you want a dog

2.       Think long and hard about the willingness to commit your life and time to this dog

3.       Do NOT ever buy a dog.  Ever!  If you’re breed-specific, there are rescues for that breed because of the idiots mentioned above.

4.       Adopt, adopt, adopt

The best angels who have touched my life have been, and always will be, rescues.

Be ready and willing to give all to your dog.  Not as an “outside” dog, but a member of your family. 

Make sure you live up to the love, devotion and loyalty they give.  They deserve no less.

Please adopt!

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