Saturday, April 14, 2012

I Am An Advocate For The Rescued Greyhounds

There. Declared for all to see.

I pretend to be nothing more than one who speaks out about the racing hounds and hunting hounds.  Regardless of country.

Country of use and abuse means nothing.  It is all the same to me.
I am an advocate for the greyhounds.  Someone must speak up.  Make friends of like mind or enemies.  Whatever.  If I happen to piss off a few, so be it.

I blasted a quack vet in Arizona a couple of days ago.  I take nothing back.  But learning more, I will blast even further.

My baby girl suffers from vaginal abnormalities, most likely attributed to steroids injected.  To make her run faster and pass by a normal hormonal cycle that non-racers experience?  Why?  To make a buck for someone.  Make sure there is no down time for her?  What the hell. has her at over 100 races.  Why?  $$.  Simply put, greedy bastards.

It’s quite odd, relevant and telling that there are congressional hearings and subpoenas regarding steroid use among human pro athletes.

Why is there no inquiry into the questionable tactics of quack vets and dissolute trainers and owners?  Where is the greyhound's protection?  Where is the outrage over injecting dogs? 

I will never understand why this is remotely acceptable to the people who profess to love the greyhounds to see nothing wrong with "doping" a dog.  I’m guessing their “love” extends to the end of the checkbook.  Might be why they’re still euthanizing healthy dogs.

It is totally unacceptable to me. 

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