Saturday, May 12, 2012

Greyhounds, Galgos And Bait Dogs

Everyone, I hope, has a cause and a passion.  One that draws them in, encourages them and makes them feel they can make a difference in the life of someone.   And in the process, that passion helps them grow as a human.

Certainly, never a cause and passion that causes harm to innocents.  That is greed.  Nothing more.  I’m talking about true love, compassion and giving up all you have.

My concern for the greyhounds has been noted before.  Often (hence Blog).  Suffice to say, I stand by that.  Repeatedly.  Tonight, and my beautiful houndies agree, I turn the topic over to others for a while.

I may be faulted for caring more about the dogs and cats than I do about humans.  I may be faulted for many things.  But caring more for dogs and cats than humans?  That is not the case.  There are many voices for the humans.  There are far too few for the pets.  The abandoned ones, the neglected ones, the tragic racers and the abused hunters.  The forgotten ones.

My passion and the passion of many like me.   The forgottens.  The ones who lost their lives for a “sport”, racing, hunting or just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The ones who trust those who take them only to be used as bait for a sport. 

As dangerous as the life of a racing greyhound can be (it is not a fallacy), the stories of the Spanish Galgos and the victims of illegal dog-fighting are horrendous.

GALGOS.  My friends in Spain work tirelessly to save the galgos from the killing station.  Yes.  I said KILLING STATION.  That is the place the hunters (Galgueros) take the galgos to be killed.  Ingenious name.  Killing station…  IF, they make it that far.  Far too many are hung or dumped down wells or shot.  (Sounds the US in years past with the non-performing greyhounds.)

This is a very recent photo from Galgos del Sol.  It is graphic.  And tragic.  But.  It is reality.  He could have been homed.

I have remarked here on this before.  And will continue.  My friends at Galgos del Sol, Galgo Connection Spain and the others will always receive my support.  It’s a long story, that sadly has no end to the hell.  Hell for the innocently damned. 

All they wanted was to please the one who was entrusted to their care.

Please help support their efforts.

BAIT DOGS.  There are so many stories in the news – locally and nationally – dogs stolen out of back yards, strays picked up and found later.  The common thought, most likely true, is the group involved in illegal dog fighting prowls for dogs left out, unattended.  Scouted, nabbed.  A simple task for those who lack souls.

Here is the story of one such bait dog.  Bubba.

It is a tragic, heart-wrenching story of just one victim. Legs broken to make it easier bait.  Sadly, there are so many others.

I will never understand. 

The callousness with which some treat these glorious creatures never stops astounding me, never stops hurting and never stops angering. I will never understand the sick minds harming these dogs.

This may seem disparate, but they are, actually, all related. They are related to human greed, human cruelty and the soft trusting eyes and soul of a hound who only wants to please.

Overall, a common trait, or character flaw I see with the abuses against greyhounds, galgos and bait dogs is the utter indifference in those responsible for their care.

There is no soul in the hunters in Spain who toss a dog in a well or hang one from a tree or turn over to the “killing station” (where some may be saved for a price), there is no soul in the one who would break a dog’s bones to make it easier “bait” to train a dog to fight.

Those people, I can do nothing about.  There is little you can do with the soulless.  They are lost and diseased.  With no redemption, despite Michael Vick’s “rehabilitation”.

Yes, I care more about the dogs.  Their souls are innocent.  Their purpose pure.  They are the ones who suffered from the soulless.  They only wanted love.

Yes, I care more about the dogs to make up for those who don’t.

I always will.  For them.

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