Saturday, February 18, 2012

Euthanizing Healthy Dogs

Yes, I have posted before, but I will again.  There is something so tragically wrong with this statement.

I read comments on Facebook that healthy greyhounds are still being euthanized.  These comments were voiced by an apparent spokesperson from a “rescue” group.  What???  Healthy dogs??

I’m not sure what disturbs me most.  The racing industry trying to hush it up or the ‘rescue’ groups afraid to step on the toes of the industry.

Recent edicts from the “industry” state to not send greyhounds to groups opposed to racing. 


Isn’t it about the dogs, after all?  It seems to conflict with the standard “we love our dogs” mantra emanating from their fingertips.

The ‘industry’ is now trying a positive public face.  They promote adoption.  They extoll the fact of increasing the adoption percentage.  The unstated is, essentially, they will not release dogs to a group opposed to their bankroll - racing.    Does this mean you euthanize them rather than adopt them out? 

I have yet to see anything beyond watching their latest interest race around a track.  An accident one step away.

Does the industry up the effort to get dogs adopted?  Work with those with and against racing?  No.

The industry focuses, instead, on attacking the ones trying to help the greyhounds and holding other groups captive.  You want dogs?  Don’t speak out, they seem to say.  Essentially, a Mob mentality.

I’ve never said I was anything other than being against racing.  I have more reason now. 
We are still euthanizing healthy dogs

Thank God, these two are out of your playground...

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