Friday, February 24, 2012

Breeding Practices – Greyhounds – Pick a Breed, Any Breed

Living in Missouri, the Puppy Mill Capital of the US, I see this over and over and over.  Over-breeding, cramped, unlivable conditions.  Pure abuse at its most base.  While they are young.

The other side of this is the overbreeding of the popular dogs.  People want a purebred whatever.  They go to a breeder.  I won’t condemn every breeder to my utter contempt, but, I do live in Missouri.  I do adopt rescued Greyhounds.  I don’t see a whole lot of pretty in either.

I read about the greyhound breeders in the US, AU, NZ and UK.  Breeding to get the fastest and the best.  They don’t do it for love of the greyhound as a dog.  They never have and when they claim love, it’s the love of the money a fast dog brings.  Personally, I’d rather be loved by a python…

For the ones who thrive on purebred lines and overbreeding, perhaps this video from RSPCA ( ) will make you think twice.  Perhaps not.  That would take conscience thought and an aversion to perpetrating the problem.   There are so many just waiting.
There are rescue groups for just about any breed imaginable.  For a good reason.  Overbreeding.  Bad owners or bad luck?  Breeder mentality is to make cute puppies, people will buy them and the breeders pocket the money.  Happy day, right?  Overbred?  Behavioral issues?  It is just a deplorable industry given free reign by over-lobbied  government officials.

For the greyhounds, there is this mythical glamor associated with this breed.  They are no different than the puppy mill dog.  They were bred to make a buck, hope they make the grade (won’t get in to those who don’t), look cute and show “something”.

While greyhounds don’t have the opportunity to be a breed of selection as a puppy, they were, after all bred for one reason only.  Show something.  Win a race and make some money.  Otherwise, they are useless.

All of these overbred dogs deserve a home.  And to never be subjected to greed.  And the greyhounds?  Yeah, I am partial to those hounds.

So tragic.  They are dogs.  They like to run, but running around a circle is not a natural instinct.  That is trained.  Over and over.  By the ones trying to make a buck.  Until they can’t.

Right kids?  You became useless.  Well, not in this house!!  Never in this house. 

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