Sunday, February 26, 2012

Greyhound Industry – Backwoods? Not That Innocent

I found myself in the midst of some discourse on an article.  How I stumbled upon it is not important.  What I saw, well, outraged me, annoyed me and, at times, made me laugh at the absurdity of it all.  Backwoods mentality…

It boils down to an article on a TV segment about the eventual demise of greyhound racing.  (Yeah, I said eventual because I believe that will happen).

Words of support from those hoping for the end and, as expected, the virulent comments about advocacy organizations and personal attacks on individuals who hope to help end racing. 

Did I mention backwoods mentality?  I mean, if your profile pic shows a nail… never mind…   When all else fails, huh.

Personal attacks without justification tend to get me fired up.   And so I found myself in the midst of an exchange with a Robert Gross.  I don’t know who this person is exactly.  My take is just some racing industry talking head.

I made mention (oopsie!  Damn my honesty) of the euthanizing of healthy greyhounds.  This Gross person (take your pick, surname or adjective) first claimed I had no proof.  Yeah.  Right…

Maybe it’s me and the analyst in me, but if someone says I have no proof (when I do), it screams I am aware and am hiding it.  Maybe just me, huh.

This Gross guy actually chastised me for not reporting the euthanizing to authorities.  I believe the words were ‘Shame on you…’

Ok.  I am not backwoods.  Never say shame on me without a very good reason. 

In the FB exchange that contained the references to euthanizing healthy dogs and pleas for help was one Mr. Parker, very involved in the racing industry.   I suggested to Gross he should speak with him.

Seriously, what group do you contact about atrocities in an industry that is self-regulated.  No oversight.  And no repercussions.  They’ve set up one sweet deal, whereby they can breed (overbreed) money makers, ban release  of the non-money makers to groups who don’t follow the industry creed and euthanize healthy greyhounds.

 And no one blinks an eye…

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