Sunday, October 9, 2011

When Grandparents Meet Greyhound Grandpuppies For The First Time

Every year, my father and his wife, Nancy, trek from Florida to Michigan and back.  Heading north in late Spring and heading south in mid Fall.

And every year, their journey takes a lateral, sometimes northeaster, direction.  This year was no exception.  After a stop in Zanesville, OH, they stopped in Indianapolis, IN, then here in St. Louis, MO.

So, where are the greyhounds?  Slight background, but they are coming.

The exception this year was the lack of my dad’s best buddy Schemie and my Ber.  This time, he and Nancy would meet DeeDee and Craigie D for the first time. 

For me, it didn’t matter if they didn’t think they were the best.  To me, they are the new Best.  But I didn’t doubt for a second that mine would not win them over.  I think mine would win over a stone wall.  I am not remotely biased.  Being analytical and logical (I am an analyst), mine can win over inanimate objects.

Ok, so biased…  Nothing remotely analytical there.  A mommy’s pride.

Nancy?  She has a soft heart and loves dogs.  I never had a doubt she wouldn’t fall for those sweet, soulful eyes, those gentle spirits and silly antics.  And I think she liked Dee’s kisses and Craigie’s nose in her face.  And hair.  And ear.  Needlenoses…

Dad?  Compared to Schemie, it’s hard to beat that high standard.  But again, Dad’s only exposure to a greyhound was my sweet Berry.  Precious traumatized, timid and shy Berry.  And he told me he had reservations the whole way over here.  2 more sad Berrys?

Not this time.  Dad said he likes my dogs (well, of course!).  They are not like Berry.  Just regular greyhounds.  Two happy little kids who would follow them, especially Nancy.  Dad and Nancy didn’t get to see the ultimate race, as I call that crazed exercise that rips up my yard, but did see tossing of squeaky stuffies from Craigie and Dee curling up with her Grandpa on the couch.  I love it.
Yeah, mine can win over a stone wall…

(There are no pictures to share.  This year.)

The weekend ended early and sadly.  Nancy’s father passed away during the night, so they, understandably, needed to leave.

My heartfelt sympathy to Nancy and her entire family.  And thank you.  For sharing a brief visit with me and my new kids.  Love you, Daddy.  Love you, Nancy.

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