Saturday, September 24, 2011

Houses and Greyhounds

I have lived in my home for over 20 years.  It seemed so open and large, but that could be attributed to the lack of furniture back then.  Over the years, furniture acquired, precious loves here and gone.

Now there are two, not so small, greyhounds.  I feel guilty that home is so small.  It seems small to me.  I feel I should be giving them more.  Well, me too…

But looking at a couple of happy greyhounds, I think about the life they had.  In a cage.  Nothing left to do but to lie in the cage.  Nowhere to wander, nothing to explore.  Just a cage.

So maybe my house is not so small.  It has rooms and dog beds and couches and floors.  Something they never knew.  And they wander.  And they park themselves wherever.  And they race around a back yard.

Maybe it’s not so small after all.

Life is about perspective.  They put mine into perspective. 


lovetoallanimals said...

Beautifully said! Your house may also feel small right now because it is filled right up to the rooftop with bursting, heart-exploding LOVE!!!

Nancy said...

And that is does. Part of the reason so full. It is all good and all right. All is right. Big. But right. :-)

Lawrence Engel said...

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Nancy said...

You and I will be on different sides of the issue, Lawrence. Greyhound races are not so terribly popular, and I find the reckless endangerment to these fragile dogs cruel and inhumane. All for greed.

I am blessed to have rescued greyhounds.