Friday, October 14, 2011

Hall of Shame Honoree

There are times, when something is read, it touches a deep chord in you.  I read a blogpost, including excerpts from a book, recently.

Vince Berland is a name quite familiar to me.  Owner of the Flying Eagle Kennel.  The very same kennel from whence my darling Ber was rescued.

Flying Berry.  Never raced, although tattooed.  Given the “alleged” disposal (I happen to believe) of non-performers, I am stunned she came into my world.

Stealing from another’s post:

"Here was the brutal truth. Any dog considered incapable of winning races was brought down here to be shot…”

What is mind-boggling is the fact that the Greyhound Racing Industry is honoring, yes, honoring, this cold, greedy human.

And that sums up the racing industry in my mind and forever will.  Greed.  Pure greed.  Cold-hearted, inhumane greed.

How many more must suffer?

Precious Berry, I thank God every day for your rescue and that you spent your last 6 years in my life.

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